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  • 2011/05/17 - The Bone Density Calibration Phantom...
    (BDC-Phantom) allows with its different inserts containing specific amount on hydroxyapatite (HA) a HU vs. HA calibration with respect to bone density evaluation of bones. - learn more!
  • 2010/12/08 - The QRM-ConeBeam Phantom is online...
    The QRM-ConeBeam-Phantom is the most suitable tool to evaluate the imaging performance of cone-beam and flat-panel CT scanners. These scanners include a wide range of technical solutions, e.g. the DVT x-ray scanners, mainly used for 3-D dental imaging, C-arm or angio x-ray machines with options for 3-D imaging or CT scanners with flat-panel detectors covering a large scan volume - learn more!
  • 2010/03/15 - New Micro-PET Phantom NEMA NU4
    According to the Micro-PET Quality Assurance standard NEMA NU 4-2008, the new QRM-MicroPET-IQ phantom provides the opportunity to evaluate the performance of Micro-PET systems - learn more!
  • 2010/01/15 - New Cranial CT Phantom available
    The new cranial CT phantom mimics the human brain anatomy for CT / FD-CT imaging. E.g. it is suitable for adjusting neuro CT imaging protocols - learn more!
  • 2009/10/01 - Sept 7 - 12, World Congress of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, Munich
    It was a great pleasure to join the World Congress of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering in Munich, Germany, and to present a huge choice of our products directly to our customers. Find some images of our booth in the gallery section.
  • 2009/08/01 - Sept 7 - 12, World Congress of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering 2009, Munich
    Visit us at our booth at the World Congress of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering in Munich, Germany!
  • 2009/04/15 - New dual energy (DE) phantom available
    A new phantom was developed espeacially for use in Dual Energy capable CT-scanners. The Phantom is optimized for quality assurance, performance testing and evaluation of different DE post processing techniques - learn more!
  • 2009/03/01 - Facelift of our website
    We redesigned our website for you. Phantoms and other products can be found for several imaging modalities under products. In our new gallery you can find some of our standard phantoms, as well as special phantoms designed for or together with our customers. Look around - you are welcome to contact us if you find something of your interest.
  • 2009/03/15 - A new Micro-CT Phantom has been developed,
    The Micro-CT Bar Pattern Chip Phantom is a perfect tool to assess in-plane and axial spatial resolution of a Micro-CT system in a direct visible manner. The phantom was created with a technique well known from the production of computer chips - dry etching. This technique guarantees line and point pattern with high spatial resolution and optimal accuracy - learn more!