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We offer a wide range of products for medical imaging modalities

Select from the categories below what you are interested in. If you do not find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.

Image Quality Phantoms Image Quality For image quality and dose evaluation in clinical CT and other X-ray imaging modalities.
Anthropomorphic Phantoms Anthropomorphic Phantoms Semi-Anthropomorphic Phantoms for diagnostic procedures (e.g. Computer Assisted Diagnoses), realistic dose estimation, image quality and other puposes.
Dosimetric Phantoms Dosimetric Phantoms Dosimetric Phantoms for measuring dose according to standards in CT and other X-ray modalities.
Bone Density Phantoms Bone Density Phantoms and materials for bone densitometry. European standards for CT-BDM and DXA.
Dynamic Phantoms Dynamic Motion Phantoms Simulating organ motion in phantoms. Evaluation of image quality and temporal resolution.
Micro-CT Phantoms Micro-CT Phantoms Standard phantoms for image quality assurance, bone density and contrast agents as well as anthropomorphic designs.
Synthetic Materials Tissue Equivalent Materials Tissue and bone equivalent as well as water or contrast-media materials for applications in x-ray, CT and other imaging modalities.
radio therapy phantoms Radio Therapy Phantoms Phantoms and Products for Radio Therapy
Custom-made phantoms Custom-Made Phantoms Custom-made phantoms for many applications. Examples and suggestions.
D100 Concept D100 Concept D = 100 mm interchangeable inserts for many types of phantom bodies.
DVT and dental CBCT dental CBCT / DVT Dental Conebeam CT and DVT phantoms