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Cardiac Calcification Insert (CCI)

A calibration standard for cardiac CT. Investigate the influence of scan parameters on the detectability of coronary artery calcifications. Achieve reproducible scoring results.

Order-number: QRM-CCI

download product data sheet: QRM-CCI

QRM phantom QRM phantom

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The cylindrical cardiac calcification insert, QRM-CCI, contains nine cylindrical calcifi-cations in variing size and hydroxyapatite (HA) density (see table 1), and two larger calibration inserts. One of them is made of water equivalent material, CTWater, the other one contains hydroxyapatite in addition. They are embedded in a tissue-equivalent solid of typically 35 HU (+/- 5 HU).
In order to obtain absolute values for the calcium mass, a calibration measurement with the central calibration insert of known hydroxyapatite (HA) density of 200 mg HA/cm3 can be carried out. The water equivalent insert serves as a further calibration standard. In practice the CT number of water should always be checked under the given modalities. If its measured HU value deviates from zero, the known deviation can be taken into account in the applied scoring method.


Diameter of insert: 100 mm
Hight of insert: 100 mm
Weight of insert: 880 g
Base material: tissue (resin), app. 35 HU at 120 kV
CaHA different concentrations see table above.