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Tissue Equivalents, Synthetic Materials and Basic Components

As the basis of our phantoms for X-ray imaging modalities, tissue equivalents and other synthetic materials are very important. QRM offers a wide range of tissue equivalent materials. These materials offer the X-ray attenuation and density characteristics of natural human tissue for diagnostic imaging modalities. The basic components can be brought into any anthropomorphic shape. Some of these materials are appropriate for calibration purposes. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


image phantom name description order id brochure
CTwater QRM CTwater Water equivalent material for CT imaging purposes. QRM-CTwater
QRM CT-Iodine QRM CTiodine Solid water equivalent material with iodine to mimic iodinated contrast agent. Available in many concentrations of iodine. QRM-CTiodine
QRM Bone QRM Bone Solid material that mimics human bone. Available in many concentrations of Calcium Hydroxyapatite (CaHA) up to 1000 mg HA / ccm. QRM-Bone
QRM Tissue Equivalents QRM Tissue Equivalents All type of tissue can be provided for X-ray imaging modalities: soft tissue, liver, muscle, fat, etc. QRM-Tissues
QRM ICRU Tissues QRM ICRU Tissues All type of ICRU specified tissue rquivalents are avialble for X-ray imaging modalities: muscle, fat, brain, liver, lung, bone, etc. QRM-ICRU-Tissue