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A Phantom for Quality Assurance of DXA Bone Mineral Density Measurements of the Spine.

Order-number: QRM-DXA-Spine-QA-Phantom

download product data sheet: QRM-DXA-Spine-QA

QRM phantom QRM phantom QRM phantom

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Designed on the basis of the well established European Spine Phantom (ESP) the QRM-DXA-Spine-QA-Phantom incorporates a simplified and more cost effective design of the vertebrae specifically developed for quality assurance (QA) and stability monitoring of Dual X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) devices.

The complex vertebrae of the ESP are replaced by a more dedicated shape explicitly adapted to the needs of a DXA QA-Phantom.
With the QRM-DXA-Spine-QA-Phantom, areal Bone Mineral Density (aBMD) can be easily determined in AP and lateral projections.

Other HA densities of the vertebra are available upon request.


  • bone mineral content (BMC) in g
  • bone mineral areal density (BMD) in g/cm2 for DXA AP and lateral projections
  • projected area (A) in cm2


Phantom body: tissue-equivalent plastic at 120 kV (CT)
L1 - L3: 3 full homogeneous vertebrae with a HA concentration of 270 mg/cm3
aBMD (AP): 1.0 g/cm2
Accuracy: ∼ 3% of specified values
∼ 1% of certified values
Phantom body: 260 x 180 mm2(± 2mm)
Phantom weight: 4300 g