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The D100 Concept

The central theme of the D100 Concept is the easy to use insert that is interchangeable between many types of our phantoms.

For the D100 (100 mm diameter) test zylinders, the following phantom bodies are available:

  • QRM-Thorax
  • QRM-Abdomen
  • QRM-Oval-Body

D100 (100 mm diameter) exchangeable inserts are available as follows:

  • Plain Insert
  • Wire-MTF Insert
  • 3D Low Contrast Insert
  • 2D Low Contrast Insert
  • 2D Contrast Step Insert
  • Cardio Calcification Insert
  • Spatial Resolutioen Test Insert
  • Electron density Phantom
  • Dual Energy Phantom
  • Dosimetry Inserts
  • Water Tank
d100 concept