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Motion Simulator Sim4D-Cardio

Sim4D is a powerful tool to assess temporal and spatial resolution on 3D X-ray imaging modalities as CT or C-arm systems. The simulator provides 3D rhythmic and arrhythmic motion of a sample probe at multiple trajectories.

Order-number: QRM-Sim4D-Cardio

download product data sheet: QRM-Sim4D-Cardio

QRM phantom QRM phantom QRM phantom

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Detection and quantification of calcium in coronary arteries is a major issue in diagnostic imaging of the heart. Due to organ motion artefacts in cardiac imaging, tools are needed to verify spatial as well as temporal resolution in the images.
The 4D Motion Simulator is designed to fit the needs of scientists and researchers of 3D imaging devices, especially in computed tomography.
Sim4D is controlled by dedicated software. Users can create motion profiles in any order and in an easy way. The profiles can be transferred directly to the device. Also the simulator can be operated by remote control; operation in the same room is not necessary.
The simulator can be used with the QRM Cardio CT Phantom, so that 3D motion in an anthropomorphic thorax can be simulated.
Multiple sample probes for motion simulation are available custom-made designs are welcome, please ask us directly.


- multiple trajectories programmable over a range of 80 x 40 mm in plane (x, y) and 80 mm axial (z)
- provides sync signal and supports ECG correlated reconstruction (ECG gating)
- rhythmic and arrhythmic motion profiles can be created in an easy way
- motion start and stop as well as profile programming and data transfer can be controlled by remote software in an easy way
- provides maximum frequency of a 3D moving profile about 3 Hz
- sample probes as Ca-spheres, rods or stents are available
- sync pulse (for ECG-gating) can be initialized from any position of the motion profile

System Components:

- Sim4D Simulator
- QRM Water Tank
- software Motion Editor
- power supply
- RS232 serial cable with USB adapter and drivers
- standard sample probe (3 mm CaHA-sphere on water-equivalent rod)

The standard QRM thorax has to be ordered separately Custom-designed sample probes, spheres, stents, etc. are available upon request: