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ConeBeam Phantom

The QRM-ConeBeam-Phantom is the most suitable tool to evaluate the imaging performance of cone-beam and flat-panel CT scanners.

Order-number: QRM-ConeBeam

download product data sheet: QRM-Cone-Beam-Phantom

QRM phantom QRM phantom QRM phantom

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These scanners include a wide range technical solutions, e.g. the DVT x-ray scanners, mainly used for 3-D dental imaging, C-arm or angio x-ray machines with options for 3-D imaging or CT scanners with flat-panel detectors covering a large scan volume.

The ConeBeam-Phantom was designed to cover the whole range of image quality achievable with this type of imaging equipment.
The three different low contrast sections provide contrasts between 3 Hounsfield Units and 200 HU to account for the large variation in low contrast capabilities.
Spatial resolution bar patterns range from 4 to 30 lp/cm and an additional edge insert allows to assess the system MTF in different orientations. The image contrast and HU-scale section helps to quantify the machines Hounsfield scale and the bone contrast achieved with different settings.
The ConeBeam Phantom is essential to fully quantify the imaging performance of such scanners and to compare different products or technical solutions.

In addition to the overall image quality of cone- beam scanners, the assiciated dose should be measured using CT dosimetry phantoms (please see our dose phantoms at the dosimetry section). The CT Dose Index (CTDI) methodology can be applied to all types of cone-beamscanners.


Overall dimensions:
Phantom diameter: 160 mm
Phantom length: 143 mm
Section height: 20 mm
Section A, B, C
Contrast resolution:
Section A: contrast steps: -60, -90, -120, -200 HU
Section B: contrast steps: -20, -25, -30, -45 HU
Section C: contrast steps: -3, -5, -10, -15 HU
Diameter of Low Contrast Inserts: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 mm, respectively
Section D
Spatial resolution:
14 circular aligned line pattern: 4 to 30 lp/cm
Section E
Noise & scaling:
3 inserts D = 24 mm bone equivalent (400 mg HA / ccm
water equivalent (CTwater)
Section F
MTF wedges:
two perpendicularrly aligned wedges: PTFE 20 x 16 x 80 mm
Section G
For adapter plate: optional custom-made adapter