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Dual Energy Phantom

The phantom is specially designed for dual energy (DE) purposes and can be used for quality assurance, scanner performance and evaluation of different DE post-processing techniques.

Order-number: QRM-DEP-002

download product data sheet: QRM-DEP-002

QRM phantom QRM phantom QRM phantom

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Research in computed tomography is currently focused on using Dual Energy (DE) to distinguish between different tissues on CT images.
The DEP-002 is the first phantom providing the opportunity to test CT-scanner performance and to evaluate different DE post processing techniques.
Therefore the phantom provides different virtual non-contrast lesions.
The different cylindrical lesions consists of Ca++ or iodine. For example, in the CT-images some lesion‘s CT-values (HU) can be detected as equal to the surrounding material at one energy (e.g. 120 kV) and with a contrast at other energies (e.g. 80 / 140 kV).
The DEP-002 fits to our additionally available thorax phantom. Extension rings, to simulate obese patients are available, as well.


Phantom diameter: 100 mm
Phantom length: 100 mm
Phantom weight: 0.9 kg
Material: CTwater (0 HU at 80 - 140 kV)
CTiodine (solid iodine)
CaHA (Ca++)

Specification of lesions

dimension of lesions 8 x 10 mm cylinder
8 x 5 mm cylinder
1 calibration cylinder 25 mm
Layer A: Ca++ (200, 400, 600 HU)
Iodine (200, 400, 600 HU
Layer B: Half cylinder Ca++ (200, 400, 600 HU)
Half cylinder Iodine (200, 400, 600 HU
Full cylinder (25, 50, 100 HU)
Layer C: Ca++ (-140, -140 HU)
Iodine + Ca++ (0, 0 HU)