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Wire MTF Phantom

The Wire MTF Phantom is a perfect tool to assess in-plane spatial resolution of any 3D X-ray imaging system. Different diameters of wire and materials are available.

Order-number: QRM-Wire

download product data sheet: QRM-Wire

QRM phantom QRM phantom

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The QRM Wire Phantom is based on a cylinder containing ONE or more wires in solid material aligned parallel to the phantom axis of rotation.
As variation, one of two wires can be placed slightly off center, the other one in the perifery to allow estimating image quality in plane at two different positions.
Point Spread Function (PSF) and Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) can so easily be investigated.
Different wire diameters are available as well as different materials and positions of the wires inside the phantom.


Standard phantom length: 60 mm
Standard phantom diameter: 45 mm
D100 phantom length: 100 mm
D100 phantom diameter: 100 mm
fits into thorax/abdomen phantom
Standard wires: tungsten, 50 µm
other diameters and materials upon request