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The Micro-CT Bar Pattern Chip Phantom is a perfect tool to assess in-plane and axial spatial resolution of any Micro-CT system in a direct visible manner.

Order-number: QRM-MicroCT-Barpattern

download product data sheet: QRM-MicroCT-Barpattern

QRM phantom QRM phantom
QRM phantom QRM phantom

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The QRM MicroCT Bar Pattern Phantom was designed to provide a tool for direct visible measurement of spatial resolution in Micro–CT. The chip offers a good alternative for indirect methods to evaluate spatial resolution in high res X-ray imaging modalities. The phantom comprises two chips, one orientated in-plane and one in perpendicular (axial) orientation. The chips are placed on a slim support in air or in a full resin cylinder with highmechanical accuracy respectively.

The 5 x 5 mm˛ chip contains bar- and point- pattern with diameters ranging from 5 to 150 µm line/point thickness. The depth of the structures varies between 80 and 120 µm. The different structures on the chip are arranged in such a way over the chip, that spatial resolution can be evaluated in the center as well as in the periphery of the image/chip in a single measurement. The cylinder, including two chips, is available in 20 mm diameter phantom (in air) or 8 mm diameter phantom (in resin). Other diameters upon request.

The phantom is available with bar pattern chips placed in resin or in air!


Base material: resin or
cylinder with air (0.3 mm wall)
Diameter (in air): 20 mm and upon request
Diameter (in resin): 8 mm and upon request
Length: 40 mm
Weight: 30 - 70 g
Material of chip: silicon
Contrast silicon / resin
silicon / air