3D Spatial Resolution, Slice Sensitivity and Wire MTF Phantom

For collimation, pitch value and image reconstruction optimization in all types of clinical X-ray applications


3D Spatial Resolution Phantom

  • D100 compatible version available
  • Evaluates spatial resolution in-plane and axial
  • Provides several hole patterns in two planes

The high-contrast Spatial Resolution Phantom (3D SR) visualizes the impact of collimation, slice width, pitch and the image reconstruction algorithms. The test pattern consists of a series of drilled holes with varying spacing providing an order of magnitude in spatial frequency. With spiral/helical CT allows to evaluate axial images and coronal reformation. In addition, the spatial 3D resolution can be tested by a single scan.


Slice Sensitivity Phantom

  • Measures and evaluates the slice sensitivity in spiral CT volume scans
  • Houses a 1 mm diameter and 25 μm thin centrally placed gold plate

The Slice Sensitivity Phantom is designed to check the slice sensitivity of the CT scanner within the spiral/helical scan modes. It contains a 25 µm thick metal foil of circular area, embedded in a cylinder of uniform tissue-equivalent plastic. With the heavy-metal insert an evaluation of all collimations between 0.5 up to 10 mm with adequate image contrast is possible. Analyzing the maximum CT number of the high-contrast insert for a series of axial images can be performed as well.


Wire MTF Phantom

  • D100 compatible version available
  • Assess in-plane spatial resolution of any 3D
  • X-ray imaging system with PSF and MTF
  • Available with wire free in ‘air’ or in resin

The Wire MTF Phantom is based on a cylinder containing one or more wires in solid material aligned parallel to the phantom axis of rotation.
As a variation, one of two wires can be placed slightly off center, the other one in the periphery to allow estimating image quality in plane at two different positions. Point Spread Function (PSF) and Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) can be easily investigated. Different wire diameters are available as well as different materials and positions of the wires inside the phantom.


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D100 3D Spatial Resolution Phantom, QRM-10101


3D Spatial Resolution Phantom, QRM-10111


Slice Sensitivity Phantom, QRM-10114


Wire MTF Phantom resin, QRM-10104

Wire MTF Phantom D100, QRM-10105

Wire MTF Phantom air, QRM-10138


3D Spatial Resolution Phantom App. 130 HU at 120 kV
  Size of plates with test patterns
  50 mm x 100 mm x 10 mm
Phantom height 172 mm
Phantom length 190 mm
Phantom weight 780 g
Slice Sensitivity Phantom  
Phantom length 100 mm
Phantom diameter 23 mm
Metal foil diameter 1 mm
Metal foil thickness 0.025 mm
Wire MTF Phantom  
Standard phantom length / diameter 60 mm / 45 mm
D100 phantom length / diameter 100 mm / 100 mm (fits into thorax/abdomen phantom)
Standard wires tungsten, 50 µm (other diameters and materials upon request)

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3D Spatial Resolution Phantom ( 2 MB )
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