Beam Stop Phantom

For X-ray scatter measurements


  • Convenient performance of scatter measurements in radiography
  • Array of lead cylinders embedded in a PMMA plate


The Beam Stop Phantom consists of a regular array of lead cylinders embedded in a PMMA plate. Lead blockers offer an attenuation sufficient to prevent primary radiation reaching the detector. The Beam Stop Phantom is a convenient tool to experimentally determine the X-ray scatter-to-primary-ratio for a given measurement setup for analog and digital radiography.

The Beam Stop array is placed between the object and the X-ray source or between the object and detector.
A measurement of the signal level behind each blocker gives the scatter intensity, whereas a measurement without the phantom represents the total intensity (scatter and primary signal). Dividing both values results in the scatter fraction.

Beam Stop Phantom, QRM-10115


Dimensions: 240 mm x 240 mm x 6 mm
Material: PMMA
Height: 6 mm
Diameter: 3 mm
Spacing: 20 mm

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Beam Stop Phantom ( 1 MB )
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