Breast CT QA Phantom, customized

For testing the imaging performance of breast CT and other Cone Beam CT systems


  • Suitable for quality check-ups and constancy testing of Breast CT and other Cone Beam CT Systems
  • Determination of spatial resolution in any direction (3D-MTF)
  • 4 different targets (air, -3% contrast, +3% contrast and bone)


The Breast CT QA Phantom allows to test the imaging performance of Breast CT and other Cone Beam CT Systems. The main body of the phantom consists of water-equivalent material and contains three sections for the evaluation of the contrast-to-noise ratio (CNR), spatial resolution (3D MTF), uniformity, geometric accuracy and image noise. The first section includes 4 different contrast targets suitable for accurate contrast to noise ratio (CNR) evaluation. The homogenous second section allows to validate the uniformity and noise performance of the imaging system. The third section accommodates a 12 mm PTFE sphere placed centrally to perform a MTF in three dimensions.


Diameter: 140 mm
Height (z): 180 mm
Section 1: Contrast to Noise Ratio (CNR)
4 different inserts with different contrast levels (air, -3% contrast, +3% contrast and bone)
Insert dimension: 13 mm diameter, 25 mm length
Section 2: Uniformity & Image noise
Homogenous water-equivalent material
Section 3: Spatial Resolution & MTF
12 mm centrally placed PTFE sphere

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