Solid material for X-ray imaging in exchange for iodinated contrast media in water or blood


  • Solid material optimized for 70 - 150 kVp
  • Used in CT and other X-ray imaging modalities


Enhanced contrast is a major issue in diagnostic imaging. CTiodine provides properties equivalent to iodinated contrast media as used for contrast enhancement during diagnostic X-ray procedures.

It is produced using a base resin with molecularly linked iodine. The concentration of liquid contrast media is given in mg iodine/cm³, which is identical to the solid contrast media based on CTwater (mg iodine/ccm), but comes with the big advantage that CTwater is a solid and easy-to-use material.

CTiodine is available based on CTwater, blood equivalent or standard resin. For CTiodine based on CTwater or blood equivalent resin the CT-numbers are valid for the whole range from 70 to 150 kVp.






Following base materials can be selected:
• CTwater
• blood equivalent resin
• pure resin (tissue equivalent at 120 kVp)

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