European Forearm Phantom

THE standard for quality control in peripheral Bone Mineral Densitometry by DXA and QCT


  • The standard phantom for qCT of the forearm
  • Dedicated for calibration and scanner QA
  • Inserts embedded in soft tissue-equivalent plastic
  • Determination of the following quantities:

• bone area in cm²
• thickness of cortical bone in mm
• trabecular and cortical mineral density in g/cm³
• bone mineral content (BMC) in g/cm
• bone mineral area density (BMD) in g/cm²


The European Forearm Phantom consists of water- and bone-equivalent solid materials to test peripheral bone densitometry systems. It allows a comparison of trabecular bone examinations at different locations and different machines as well as an axial comparison with peripheral bone measurements.

The inserts simulate trabecular bone and provide the basis for linearity checks of QCT systems. Density and thickness of the simulated compact bone are selected, so the phantom can be used to calibrate DXA and SPA machines. Reproducibility and accuracy checks of the corresponding modalities can be performed.


European Forearm Phantom, QRM-50111


Base material: water-equivalent resin  
Cross section: 60 mm x 40 mm
Length: 100 mm
Weight: 140 g
Cortical bone: 800 mg HA/cm3
Trabecular bone:  
Section I: 200 mg HA/cm3
Section II: 100 mg HA/cm3
Section III: 50 mg HA/cm3
Section IV to VI: water-equivalent resin

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European Forearm Phantom ( 2 MB )
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