Forearm Phantom

For quantitative CT measurements and CT value calibration to Bone Mineral Density (BMD)


  • BMD phantom for qCT of the forearm
  • Houses two inserts in soft tissue-equivalent plastic
  • To be placed directly under the object of measurement


The Forearm Phantom was developed for calibrating CT values to BMD. Its shape is optimally adapted to the anatomy of an adult forearm.

It is directly placed between the forearm and the CT couch.

The phantom consists of two solid cylindrical rods as well as water-equivalent and bone-equivalent material.

Forearm Phantom, QRM-50112


Base material: tissue-equivalent resin  
Cross section: 70 mm x 25 mm
Length: 150 mm
Weight: 225 g
Bone-equivalent insert: 200 mg HA/cm³
Water-equivalent insert: 0 HU (80 - 140 kV)

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Forearm Phantom ( 2 MB )
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