ICRU Tissue Equivalent Material

The best choice to simulate human tissues (lung, bone, brain) with respect to their physical X-ray attenuation properties


Tissue equivalent materials are available in diverse shapes and design providing the physical X-ray attenuation properties of soft tissue of human organs as liver, spleen, vessels, brain, breast, muscle, fat and others.

Tissue equivalent material is the basis of standard anthropomorphic phantoms. Examples of avaiable ICRU-Tissues:

  • tissue equivalent organs
  • low contrast structures
  • lung nodules (hypodense, hyperdense)
  • liver nodules (hypodense, hyperdense)
  • fat extension rings to simulate obese patients
  • cerebral phantoms with white and grey matter
  • breast equivalent phantoms
  • blood mimicing resin


Phantoms for your needs!
Please contact us: qrm@ptwdosimetry.com



Standard soft tissue: 38 ±3 HU at 120 kV
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