ICRU Tissues

Best choice to simulate human tissues with respect to their physical X-ray attenuation properties


  • Different densities or CT values (HU), available in different shapes and designs


Tissue-equivalent materials are available in various shapes and designs, providing the physical X-ray attenuation properties of the soft tissue of human organs, such as liver, spleen, vessels, brain, breast, muscle, fat, and others.

Tissue-equivalent material is the basis of standard anthropomorphic phantoms. It provides CT values of approximately 38 HU at 120 kV tube voltage.

Examples of avaiable ICRU Tissues:

  • tissue-equivalent organs
  • low-contrast structures
  • lung nodules (hypodense, hyperdense)
  • liver nodules (hypodense, hyperdense)
  • fat extension rings to simulate obese patients
  • cerebral phantoms with white and grey matter
  • breast equivalent phantoms
  • blood-mimicking resin

ICRU Tissue rod, soft tissues,QRM-30101

ICRU Tissue rod, bone, QRM-30102

ICRU Tissue slab, soft tissues, QRM-30103

ICRU Tissue slab, bone, QRM-30104


Standard soft tissue: 38 ±3 HU at 120 kV

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QRM-ICRU-Tissues ( 2 MB )
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