Micro-CT Bar Pattern Phantoms

For the determination of in-plane and axial spatial resolution


  • Evaluate 3D, in-plane and axial high spatial resolution in preclinical and industrial Micro-CT
  • Bar and point structures down to 5 µm (air, resin) or to 1 µm (NANO)
  • Corresponds to 3.3 to 100 LP
  • Provides high-resolution contrast
  • Customizable


The Micro-CT Bar Pattern Phantom is used for a directly visible measurement of spatial resolution in Micro-CT. The chip offers an alternative for indirect methods to evaluate spatial resolution in high-resolution X-ray imaging modalities. The phantom consists of two chips, one orientated in-plane and one in perpendicular (axial) orientation. The chips are placed on a slim support in air or in a full resin cylinder. 

The 5 x 5 mm² chip contains bar and point patterns with diameters from 5 to 150 µm line/point thickness. The depth of the structures varies between 80 to 120 µm. The different structures on the chip are arranged functional, allowing to evaluate the spatial resolution in the center as well as in the periphery of the image with one single measurement. The cylinder, which contains two chips, is available in a 20 mm diameter phantom (in air) or in a 8 mm diameter phantom (in resin). Other diameters upon request.

The Bar Pattern NANO provides two silicon chips, aligned perpendicularly and placed on a solid plastic support. Both 3 x 3 mm² chips have several line and point patterns representing lines and points of 1 to 10 µm width. In addition, a slented edge and a so-called Siemens-star (actinomorphic star) are placed on the chip.

Micro-CT Bar Pattern Air, QRM-70113
Micro-CT Bar Pattern Resin, QRM-70114
Micro-CT Bar Pattern NANO, QRM-70119


Base material: solid plastic (chips placed on support in air -> 0.3 mm wall thickness)
Diameter: 5.2 mm
Height: 19 mm
Measures of silicon chip: 3 mm x 3 mm x 0.66 mm
Structures on the chip (resolution): 1 to 10 µm, resp. 500 to 50 LP/mm
Material of chip: silicon
Contrast of pattern silicon / air  
Base material: resin or cylinder with air (0.3 mm wall)
Diameter (in air): 20 mm and upon request
Diameter (in resin): 8 mm and upon request
Length: 40 mm
Weight: 30 - 70 g
Material of chip: silicon
Contrast silicon / resin  
silicon / air  
Line- and Point pattern on the chip: 3 x 3 mm²
The depth of the structures varies within 5 and 15 µm.  

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