Micro-CT Barpattern Phantoms, air/nano (customized)

For the most precise determination of in-plane and axial spatial resolution


The Micro-CT Bar Pattern Phantoms are used for a direct visible measurement of spatial resolution in Micro-CT. The chips offer an alternative for indirect methods to evaluate spatial resolution in high resolution X-ray imaging modalities:

The phantom comprises two chips, one orientated in-plane and one in perpendicular (axial) orientation. The chips are placed on a slim support in air. The cylinder, including two chips, is available in 20 mm diameter phantom (in air). Other diameters upon request.

The Bar Pattern nano provides two silicon chips, perpendicularly aligned and placed on a solid plastic support. In addition a slented edge and a so-called Siemens-star (actinomorphic star) can be placed on the chip.

Phantoms for your needs!
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