Micro-CT Multi Disk Phantom

For testing cone-beam artifacts caused by reconstruction algorithms


  • Convenient tests of cone-beam artifacts from Micro-CT scanners
  • Standard phantom diameter 20 mm
  • Alternating 1 and 3 mm low- and high-density disks
  • Customizable


The Micro-CT Multi Disk Phantom is the test object of choice to show artifacts occurred by all kinds of approximate reconstruction algorithms.
The Micro-CT Multi Disk Phantom consists of eight high-density circular disks equally spaced 3 mm apart parallel to the axis of rotation. These disks are separated by low-density disks showing up as darker material.

Standard phantoms are scaled down from the diameter of an average human trunk (32 cm) to that of a fat mouse (32 mm).

Different dimensions and insert substances can be produced upon request.

Micro-CT Multi Disk Phantom, QRM-70104


Diameter: 20 mm
Length: 48.5 mm
Weight: 19 g
Flanging outer zylinders:  
material: polymethylmethacrylate
thickness: 10 mm
High-density disk:  
Diameter: 20 mm
Thickness: 1 ± 0.05
Density: 1.38 g/cm³
Low-density disk:  
Diameter: 20 mm
Thickness: 3 mm ± 0.05
Density: 1.18 g/cm³

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