Micro-CT Slice Sensitivity Phantom

For measuring the slice sensitivity profile, slice thickness or axial modulation transfer function


  • Measures and evaluates slice sensitivity
  • Houses a 1 mm diameter and 10 µm thin centrally placed gold plate
  • Customizable


The Micro-CT Slice Sensitivity Phantom contains a 10 microns thick metal insert, which highly attenuates X-rays. The insert is adapted to the nominal slice thickness of Micro-CT scanners. The high-contrast platelet (diameter 1 mm) is embedded in the center of the cylindrical phantom, which is made of resin.

Standard phantoms are scaled down from the diameter of an average human trunk (32 cm) to that of a fat mouse (32 mm).

Different dimensions and insert substances can be produced upon request.

Micro-CT Slice Sensitivity Phantom, QRM-70109


Base material: resin
Diameter of gold insert: 1 mm
Thickness of gold insert: 10 µm
Dimensions for mouse-size phantom:  
Diameter: 32 mm
Length: 40 mm
Weight: 35 g

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