The publications listed below provide an overview of the scientific projects in which our phantoms were used.

  • Subsekunden-Mehrschicht-Spiral-CT als Alternative zur Elektronenstrahlcomputertomographie
    Kalender WA
    Zeitschrift für Kardiologie, 2000 - Springer
  • ECG-correlated imaging of the heart with subsecond multislice spiral CT
    Kachelriess M, Ulzheimer S, Kalender WA
    Medical Imaging, IEEE Transactions online, 2000
  • Reproducibility of coronary calcium quantification in repeat examinations with retrospectively ECG
    Ohnesorge, T Flohr, R Fischbach, A Kopp, A Knez, …
    European Radiology, 2002
  • Improving mass measurement of coronary artery calcification using threshold correction and thin collimation in multi-detector row computed tomography In vitro experiment
    Cheng Hong MD, Thomas K. Pilgram, Fang Zhu MD, Bonnie N. Joe, Dwight A. Towler and Kyongtae T. Bae MD
    Ph Academic Radiology, Volume 10, Issue 9, Pages 969-977
  • Potential Clinical Impact of Variability in the Measurement of Coronary Artery Calcification with Sequential MDCT
    SS Halliburton, AE Stillman, M Lieber, JM Kasper
    American Journal of Roentgenology, 2005 - Am Roentgen Ray Soc
  • An accurate and reproducible scheme for quantification of coronary artery calcification in CT scans
    Dehmeshki, J.; Xujiong Ye; Wang, F.; Xin Yu Lin; Abaei, M.; Siddique, M.M.; Qanadli, S.D.
    Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 2004. IEMBS apos;04. 26th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Volume 1, Issue , 1-5 Sept. 2004 Page(s): 1918 - 1921 Vol.3
  • Description of the Image Data Set of an Anthropomorphic Cardio CT Phantom with Extension Rings and …
    K Shanneik, S Ulzheimer, W Kalender
  • Quantification of Aortic Valve Calcification Using Multislice Spiral Computed Tomography : Comparison With Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
    R Koos, AH Mahnken, HP Kuhl, G Muhlenbruch
    Invest Radiol, 2006
  • Coronary Artery Calcium: A Multiinstitutional, Multimanufacturer International Standard for Quantification at Cardiac CT
    C.H. McCollough, S. Ulzheimer, S.S. Halliburton, K. Shanneik, R.D. White, W.A. Kalender
    Radiology: Volume 243: Number 2 – May 2007 Page(s): 527 – 538
  • Coronary Artery Calcium Measurement with Mutli-Detector Row CT: In Vitro Assessment of Effect of Radiation Dose
    C. Hong, K.T. Bae, T.K. Pilgram, J. Suh, D. Bradley
    Radiology 2002, 225, Page(s): 901 – 906
  • Assessment of calcium scoring performance in cardiac computed tomography
    S. Ulzheimer, W.A. Kalender
    European Radiology, 2003, 13, Page(s): 484 – 497
  • 64 slice MDCT generally underestimates coronary calcium scores as compared to EBT: A phantom study
    M.J.W. Greuter, H. Dijkstra, J.M. Groen, R. Vliegenthart, F. de Lange, W.K.J. Renema, G.H. de Bock, M. Oudkerk
    Medical Physics 34 (9), September 2007, Page(s): 3510 – 3519
  • Dose Performance of a 64-Channel Dual-Source CT Scanner
    C.H. McCollough, A.N. Primak, O. Saba, H. Bruder, K. Stierstorfer, R. Raupach, C. Suess, B. Schmidt, B.M. Ohnesorge, T.G. Flohr
    Radiology: Volume 243: Number 3 – June 2007 Page(s): 775 – 784
  • Quantitative computed tomography (QCT) of the forearm using clinical CT scanners
    K. Engelke, W. Timm, B. Stampa, T. Fuerst, E. Paris, C. Libanati, H.K. Genant
  • Non-invasive investigation of bone adaption in humans to cumulative daily mechanical loading
    R Whalen, T Cleek - Life
  • Volumetric quantitative computed tomography of the proximal femur: relationships linking geometric and densitometric variables to bone
    V Bousson, A Le Le Bras, F Roqueplan, Y Kang, D …
    Osteoporosis International, 2006
  • The European Spine Phantom--a tool for standardization and quality control in spinal bone mineral
    WA Kalender, D Felsenberg, HK Genant, M Fischer, J - Eur J Radiol
  • Bone Density Measured by Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry in Healthy Kuwaiti Women
    G Dougherty, N Al-Marzouk
    Calcified Tissue International, 2001
  • Biomechanics of the Birmingham hip resurfacing arthroplasty
    KL Ong, SM Kurtz, MT Manley, N Rushton, NA
    Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, British Volume, 2006
  • Effect of inhaled corticosteroids on forearm bone mineral density: The HUNT Study, Norway
    A Langhammer, S Forsmo, S Lilleeng, R Johnsen
    Respiratory Medicine, 2007
  • Longitudinal Changes in Forearm Bone Mineral Density in Women and Men Aged 25-44 Years
    N Emaus, GKR Berntsen, RM Joakimsen, V Fonnebo
    American Journal of Epidemiology, 2005
  • Quantitative computed tomography (QCT) of the forearm using clinical CT scanners
    K. Engelke, W. Timm, B. Stampa, T. Fuerst, E. Paris, C. Libanati, H.K. Genant
    Med Phys 2008; 33:614-20
  • A phantom for standardization and quality control in periphal bone measurements by PQCT an DXA
    P. Ruegsegger, W.A. Kalender
    Physics in Medicine and Biology 38, 1993, Page(s): 1963 – 1970
  • Quality control and standardisation of absorptiometric and computer tomographic measurements of bone mineral mass and density
    W.A. Kalender, M. Fischer
    Radiation Protection Dosimetry Vol. 49, Nos 1/3, 1993, Page(s): 229 – 233
  • Empirical cupping correction: A first-order raw data precorrection for cone-beam computed tomography
    M Kachelrieß, K Sourbelle, WA Kalender
    Medical Physics, 2006
  • Comparative Evaluation: Acceptance Testing and Constancy Testing for Micro-CT Scanners
    W.A. Kalender, B. Durkee, O. Langner, E. Stepina, M. Karolczak
    Biomedizinische Technik Volume 50, Supplementary vol.1 Part 2, 2005 Page(s): 1192 – 1193
  • Empirical Water Precorrection for Cone-Beam Computed Tomography
    K Sourbelle, M Kachelrieß, WA Kalender
    IEEE Medical Imaging Conference Record, 2005
  • In vitro evaluation of coronary stents and in-stent stenosis using a dynamic cardiac phantom and a 64-detector row CT scanner
    T Schlosser, T Scheuermann, S Ulzheimer, OK Mohrs, M Kühling, PE Albrecht, T Voigtländer, J Barkhausen, A Schmermund
    Clinical Research in Cardiology, Volume 96, Number 11 (online first) 2007
  • Physical performance characteristics of spiral CT scanning
    W.A. Kalender, A. Polacin
    Medical Physics 18 (5), Sept/Oct 1991, Page(s): 910 – 915
  • New low-contrast resolution phantoms for Computed Tomography
    C. Suess, W.A. Kalender, J.M. Coman
    Medical Physics 26 (2), February 1999, Page(s): 296 – 302
  • Technical Foundations of Spiral CT
    W.A. Kalender
  • Quality assurance for computed-tomography simulators and the computed-tomography-simulation process: Report of the AAPM Radiation Therapy Committee Task Group No. 66
    S. Mutic, J.R. Palta, E.K. Butker, I.J. Das, M. Saiful Huq, L.-N. Dick-Loo, B.J. Salter, C.H. McCollough, J. van Dyk
    Medical Physics, Vol. 30, No. 10, October 2003, Page(s): 2762 – 2792
  • A Comparison of Conventional and Spiral CT: An Experimental Study on the Detection of Spherical Lesions
    W.A. Kalender, A. Polacin, C. Suess
    Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography 18(2): 167 – 176, March/April 1994
  • Low-contrast detectability in volume rendering: a phantom study on multidector-row spiral CT data
    HO Shin, CV Falck, M Galanski
    European Radiology, 2004
  • Impact of the z-flying focal spot on resolution and artifact behavior for a 64-slice spiral CT scanner
    Y Kyriakou, M Kachelrieß, M Knaup, JU Krause, WA Kalender
    European Radiology, 2006
  • Inherently 3-Dimensional Method for Measurement of Computed Tomographic Resolution Anisotropy
    SE Jones, M Grasruck, B Schmidt, I Madisch, et al
    Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography, 2006
  • First performance evaluation of a dual-source CT (DSCT) system
    T Flohr, C McCollough, H Bruder, M Petersilka et al.
    European Radiology 2006 Vol 16 p256–268
  • Practical model “3DX” of limited cone-beam X-ray CT for dental use
    Y. Arai, K. Honda, K. Iwai, K. Shinoda
    International Congress Series 1230, 2001, Page(s): 713 – 718
  • Intensity distribution and impact of scatter for dual-source CT
    Y. Kyriakou, W.A. Kalender
    Physics in Medicine and Biology 52, 2007, Page(s): 6969 – 6989
  • Die geometrische Genauigkeit der roboterassistierten THR-Chirurgie
    J. Schneider, W.A. Kalender, A. Olk
    Orthopädische Praxis 12/2000, 36. Jahrgang, Seite: 756 – 761
  • Spiral Volumetric CT with Single-Breath-Hold Technique, Continuous Transport, and Continuous Scanner Rotation
    W.A. Kalender, W. Seissler, E. Klotz, P.Vock
    Radiology, Vol.176, No.1, 1990, Page(s) 181 – 183
  • Evaluation and Comparison of Water-equivalent CTDI Dosimetry Phantoms
    J. Erb, M. Schmidt, B. Schmidt, W.A. Kalender
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