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DIN 6868-161 DVT / Dental-Conebeam-CT Phantom

Perform acceptance and constancy tests in accordance with DIN 6868-161 and other international guidelines.

Order-number: QRM-DVT-161

download product data sheet: QRM-DVT-161

QRM phantom QRM phantom QRM phantom

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The QRM-DVT-161 Phantom is designed to perform acceptance and constancy testing in accordance to DIN 6868-161 and QS-RL. It provides the capability to evaluate imaging performance of dental CBCT equipment (DVT, Digital Volume Tomography). In accordance with DIN 6868-161 the following image quality metrics can be obtained:

  • spatial distorsion in reconstructed volume
  • in-plane resolution (MTF)
  • acceptance indicator
  • uniformity indicator

The phantom consists of 4 sections. The main section (20 mm height) contains the PVC test insert to evaluate spatial resolution, contrast to noise ratio and the acceptance indicator. A second section (plain, 20 mm height) is used to measure noise and homogeneity. For the ease of use the two sections are fixed together. In addition two optional scatter sections are in the package (50 and 60mm height).

The following image quality metrics can be obtained:

An automated evaluation software (ImpactIQ Wizard) is available separately or as a package with the phantom.


Phantom diameter: 160 mm
Phantom height: 150 mm
Body: PMMA
Design: Al, D = 12 mm
Inserts: 4 slabs of different thicknesses:
1 main slab with PVC test insert (20 mm)
1 plane slab (fixed to main disk) (20 mm)
2 scatter slabs (50 & 60 mm)