Electron Density Phantom

For the calibration Hounsfield Unit (HU) vs. electron density of CT radiotherapy treatment plans


  • D100 compatible
  • Calibration of radiation oncology treatment plans
  • For the opimization of the delivered dose to the patient
  • Provides realistic tissue simulation and values within the higher density range (bones)
  • Tissue equivalent inserts are available separately


The Electron Density Phantom houses 5 different tissue equivalent material inserts used for the HU to electron density calibration of CT scanners and radiation therapy treatment planning systems.

All tissue equivalent materials represent the real human tissue regarding its physical density and electron density.

A new revised edition of the EDP provides tissue equivalent realistic physical densities and electrondensities of human tissues of highest interest in radiationoncology treatment planing.

The non-accordance of these values is a major shortcoming of other available electron density (or tissue equivalent) phantoms.

In the higher density range (bone), the Electron Density Phantom is the first phantom that provides realistic tissue simulation and values.




Oval Body Phantom


Diameter: 100 mm
Height: 100 mm
Weight: 0.9 kg
Material: Water equivalent (CT water) app. 0 ± 5 HU (at 80 - 140 kV)
  Adipose (20 mm)
  Water (20 mm)
  Muscle (20 mm)
  Spongiouse Bone (20 mm)
  Cortical (Mandible) Bone (20 mm)
  Air (central insert, D = 30 mm)

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Electron Density Phantom ( 2 MB )
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