CTwater slabs

A water-equivalent plastic for monitor calibration and QA measurements (photons, protons and heavy ions) in RT

  • Quality assurance measurements and monitor calibration procedures
  • For high energy photon, electron and proton dosimetry (MeV)
  • Also, Ideally suited for the diagnostic energy range (app. 0 HU at 80 - 140 kV tube voltage)
  • Customizable: can be molded into arbitrary shapes


CTwater mimics the physical X-ray mass attenuation properties of liquid water regarding its physical density and electron density. It can be used for high-energy photon, electron and proton fields in radiation oncology (MeV), which makes it suitable for the dosimetric evaluation of constancy tests in radiation therapy, e.g. depth dose measurements.

Besides therapeutic energies CTwater is ideally suited for clinical X-ray modalities due to its water-equivalency (0 ± 5 HU) within the full diagnostic energy range of 80 kV to 140 kV tube voltage.

The slabs exhibit long-term stability and can be produced in a large amount with a high degree of homogeneity and mechanical precision.

Custom chamber cavities and adapters for ionization chambers are available upon request.

CTwater slab, 5 mm thick, QRM-90111

CTwater slab, 10 mm thick, QRM-90112

CTwater slab, 20 mm thick, QRM-90113

Phantom dimension: 300 mm x 300 mm  
Phantom height: QRM-90111 5 mm
  QRM-90112 10 mm
  QRM-90113 20 mm
Water-equivalent: CTwater, app. (0 ± 5) HU at 80 - 140 kV
Homogeneity of the slabs: ± 3 HU
Density (ρ): 1.03 g / cm³

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