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Welcome to QRM

Quality Assurance Phantoms for X-Ray Diagnostics and Associated Procedures

Great News: QRM is now a subsidiary of PTW Freiburg!
Read the press release and visit www.ptwdosimetry.com

QRM is manufacturing phantoms and tissue equivalents for medical imaging application over many years.

Our phantoms and tissue equivalent materials are specifically developed for our customers needs (e.g. manufacturers, physicians or scientists all over the world), manufactured at a high quality level at our facility in Moehredorf/Germany and distributed worldwide directly to our customers.

We offer a wide range of standard phantoms for e.g.:

  • X-ray Imaging, Computed Tomography, Conebeam CT
  • DVT / dental CBCT
  • DXA
  • Micro-CT and Micro-PET
  • Radiation Therapy

On a custom-made base we also offer phantoms for: MRI, PET, SPECT, Radio Therapy, and other modalities.

One of our core competences are custom-made phantoms. Either if you are looking for a QRM standard phantom and need some minor or major modifications, or if you are looking for a very specialized phantom for your specific research project - just get in touch - and we will find an adequate solution for you!

Just visiting QRM the first time? And want to know what 'Phantoms' are?
Please read and learn some interesting hints and the importance of "phantoms" in medical imaging technologies!

Top Phantoms

Spectral-CT Phantom

(QRM-ConeBeam) The introduce: the new QRM-Spectral-CT Phantom. The QRM-Spectral-CT Phantom was designed to test multi-energy spectral CT protocols and post processing techniques. read more

Cone-Beam QA Phantoms

(QRM-ConeBeam) The QRM-ConeBeam-Phantom is available in two versions, an EXPERT and a more cost-effective BASIC version. It is the most suitable tool to evaluate the imaging performance of CT and cone-beam CT scanners. read more

Micro-PET Image Quality Mouse Phantom (NEMA-NU4)

(QRM-MicroPET-IQ) According to the NEMA standard NU 4-2008, the QRM-MicroPET-IQ phantom provides the opportunity to evaluate the performance of Micro-PETs. read more

Bone Density Calibration Phantom (BDC)

(QRM-BDC) The BDC-Phantom allows a direct calibration of the bone mineral density of an object. It provides several inserts containing analytically determined amount on calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA). A direct HU vs. HA calibration will not be easier.
read more