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PET and SPECT Phantoms

Phantoms for Positron Emission Tomography and Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography are mostly based on
Phantoms on your personal need can be manufactured as well. Please have a look in custom-made products.


image phantom name description order id brochure
NEMA NU4 Micro-PET Image Quality Mouse Phantom NEMA NU4-2008
Micro-PET Image Quality Mouse Phantom
According to the NEMA standard
NU 4-2008, this phantom provides the opportunity to evaluate the performance of Micro-PET systems.
NEMA NU4 Micro-PET Scatter Phantoms NEMA NU4-2008
Micro-PET Scatter Pahntoms
In accordance with NEMA standard
NU 4-2008, these phantoms offer the possibility to perform scatter tests of micro-PET systems.
Micro-PET Hotrod Phantom Micro-PET Hotrod PahntomNEW! A phantom to measure spatial resolution (hot rods) of small animal micro-PET systems. QRM-MicroPET-Scatter