Cone-Beam Phantom

For testing the imaging performance of cone-beam and flat-panel CT scanners


  • Provides different low contrast sections and spatial resolution bar patterns
  • Allows MTF measurements in different orientations
  • Multipurpose phantom for comparison of different CT and CBCT scanner solutions


The Cone-Beam Phantom allows to check the whole range of image quality parameters measurable at DVT X-ray units, C-arms or angio X-ray modalities with 3D imaging options and at CT scanners with a flat-panel detector.

Three different low-contrast sections provide contrasts between 3 and 200 HUs to consider the large variation in low-contrast capabilities.

Spatial resolution bar patterns and an additional edge insert determine the system MTF in different orientations. The image contrast and HU-scale section quantifies the machines HU-scale and the bone contrast achieved with different settings. A comparison between different products and technical solutions is possible by comparing the results measured with the Cone-Beam Phantom.

In addition to the image quality of cone-beam scanners, the dose can be measured by using a CT Dosimetry Phantom. The CTDI methodology can be applied to all types of cone-beam scanners.


Cone-Beam Phantom, Basic, QRM-10120

Cone-Beam Phantom, Expert, QRM-10103


Diameter: 160 mm
Length: 143 mm
Section height: 20 mm
Sections - contrast resolution:  
Section A: contrast steps: -60, -90, -120, -200 HU
Section B: contrast steps: -20, -25, -30, -45 HU
Section C: contrast steps: -3, -5, -10, -15 HU
Diameter of low contrast inserts: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 mm, respectively
Section D - Spatial resolution: 14 circular aligned line pattern: 4 to 30 lp/cm
Section E - Noise & scaling: 3 inserts D = 24 mm: bone equivalent (400 mg HA / ccm water equivalent (CTwater) air
Section F - MTF wedges: two perpendicularrly aligned wedges: PTFE 20 x 16 x 80 mm
Section G - Plain: For adapter plate: optional custom-made adapter

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