CTDI CTwater Phantom

Water-equivalent dosimetry phantoms for CTDI evaluation in Computed Tomography (CT/CBCT)

  • For CTDI measurements in accordance with IEC / DIN EN 61223-3-5 and IEC 61223-2-44
  • Different adapter plugs available for diverse pencil shaped ion chambers


Water-equivalent dosimetry phantoms, traced back on the standards for CTDI evaluation in Computed Tomography (CT/CBCT).

The phantom is manufactured from CTwater, a proprietary resin which exhibits the same X-ray attenuation characteristics as liquid water in the range of 80 kV to 140 kV tube voltage.

The phantom includes a circular body (with four peripheral holes) and a removable head section (with one central and four peripheral holes). Holes not in use for dose measurement can be plugged by using water-equivalent rods.

Adapter plugs for all standard Ionization chambers are available on request.

CTDI CTwater Phantom, QRM-40100

L981816 NOMEX Dosemeter (PTW)

TL30009 CT ion chamber 3.14 cm³, 100 mm long (PTW)


Phantom diameter (body): Ø 320 mm
Phantom diameter (head): Ø 160 mm
Phantom height: 150 mm
Borehole diameter: Ø 13 mm
Center position of peripheral holes: 10 mm from phantom`s margin
Body material: CTwater

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