Micro-CT HA Phantom

For the calibration of CT values


  • Bone densitometry phantom for calibrating CT values
  • Worldwide standard for measuring BMD in small animal Micro-CT
  • Provides density of CaHA for in-vivo or in-vitro Micro-CT bone calibration
  • Customizable


The Micro-CT HA Phantom includes five cylindrical inserts containing various densities of CaHA (calcium hydroxyapatite). The phantom can be used for bone density calibration purposes and high-contrast resolution measurements.

Standard phantoms are scaled down from the diameter of an average human trunk (32 cm) to that of a fat mouse (32 mm).

Different dimensions and insert substances can be produced upon request.

Micro-CT HA Phantom, D32, QRM-70107
Micro-CT HA Phantom, D25, QRM-70129
Micro-CT HA Phantom, D20, QRM-70126
Micro-CT HA Phantom, D10, QRM-70127
Micro-CT HA Phantom, D4.5, QRM-70128

Micro-CT HA set of 5 single rods, QRM-70134



HA-concentrations of the five cylindrical inserts:  
mg HA/cm³ ρ g/cm3
-.- 1.13
50 1.16
200 1.26
800 1.65
1200 1.90
Base material: epoxy resin
Diameter of inserts: 5 mm
Dimensions for mouse-size phantom:  
Diameter: 32 mm
Length: 38 mm
Weight: 35 g

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Micro-CT HA ( 2 MB )
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