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View the list to download product information of a specific phantom.

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Download phantom product information and data sheets:

phantom id download
image quality   up
Dual Energy Phantom QRM-DEP-002
Wire MTF Phantom QRM-Wire
Low and Medium Contrast Step Phantom QRM-3DMC
2D Contrast Step Phantom QRM-2DCS
3D Spatial Resolution Test Phantom QRM-3DSR
Low Contrast Phantom QRM-2DLC
Beam Stop Phantom QRM-Beamstop
anthropomorphic phantoms   up
Thorax Phantom QRM-Thorax
Cardio Phantom QRM-Cardio-Phantom
Cardio Calcification Insert QRM-CCI
Abdomen Phantom QRM-Abdomen-Phantom
Liver Phantom QRM-Liver-Phantom
Extension and Obese Rings QRM-Extensionrings
Pediatric Thorax Phantom QRM-Pediatric-Thorax
dosimetric phantoms   up
CTDI Waterequivalent Phantom QRM-CTDI-CTwater
bone densitometry phantoms   up
European Spine Phantom ESP QRM-ESP
European Forearm Phantom EFP QRM-EFP
Forearm Phantom EFP QRM-Forearm
dynamic phantoms   up
Motion Simulator Sim2D QRM-Sim2D
Motion Simulator Sim4D QRM-Sim4D
micro-ct phantoms   up
Micro-CT Bar Pattern Phantom QRM-MicroCT-Barpattern-Phantom
Micro-CT Wire MTF Phantom QRM-MicroCT-Wire
Micro-CT Multi Disk Phantom QRM-MicroCT-MD
Micro-CT Contrast Scale Phantom QRM-MicroCT-CS
Micro-CT Dose Phantom QRM-MicroCT-Dose
Micro-CT CaHA Phantom QRM-MicroCT-HA
Micro-CT Low Contrast Phantom QRM-MicroCT-LC
Micro-CT SSP Phantom QRM-MicroCT-SSP
Micro-CT Water Phantom QRM-MicroCT-Water
tissue equivalents   up
CTiodine QRM-CTwater


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