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Anthropomorphic Phantoms

Our semi-anthropomorphic phantoms for X-ray imaging purposes and associated procedures are highly precise manufactured. Different types of phantoms are available as thorax, cardio, abdomen, liver, head, etc.
These phantoms can be based on tissue or water equivalent materials, solid resins or pmma as well.
Phantoms on your personal need can be manufactured as well. Please have a look in custom-made products.


image phantom name description order id brochure
Anthropomorphic Thorax CT Phantom Anthropomorphic Thorax Phantom QRM-Thorax-Phantom can be used e.g in CT. Different zylindrical inserts are available to test IQ criteria. QRM-Thorax
Cardio Calcification Insert CCI Cardio Calcification Insert CCI A calibration standard for cardiac CT calcium scoring to investigate the influence of scan parameters on the detectability and quantification of coronary calcifications. QRM-CCI
Anthropomorphic Cardio CT Phantom Anthropomorphic Cardio CT Phantom Phantom Set of QRM-Thorax and QRM-CCI. QRM-Cardio-Phantom
Semianthropomorphic Liver Phantom Anthropomorphic Abdomen Phantom The Abdomen Phantom can be used as extension ring for our standard (100 mm diameter) inserts to measure image quality, etc.. QRM-Abdomen-Phantom
Semianthropomorphic Liver Phantom Anthropomorphic Liver Phantom The liver phantom can be used in CT and FD-CT for the examination of low contrast details in the liver region, CAD procedures etc. QRM-Liver-Phantom
Extension Obese Rings Extension and Obese Rings To simulate obese patients these Extension Rings can be used with our standard Thorax, Cardio, Abdomen and Liver Phantoms. QRM-Extensionrings
Semianthropomorphic Pediatric Thorax Phantom Pediatric Thorax Phantom A thorax phantom specially adjusted to the diameter of a pediatric thorax useful, for dose estimation and image quality purposes. QRM-Pediatric-Thorax
Semianthropomorphic Pediatric Abdomen Phantom Pediatric Abdomen Phantom An abdomen phantom specially adjusted to the diameter of a pediatric abdomen. QRM-Pediatric-Abdomen
Cranial CT Phantom Cranial CT Phantom The cranial CT phantom mimics the human brain anatomy for CT / FD-CT imaging. QRM-Cranial-CT-Phantom
Semianthropomorphic Head Phantom Semianthropomorphic Head Phantom This phantom can be used in CT, FD-CT or CBCT e.g. for dental applications. QRM-SAHP