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Semianthropomorphic Liver Phantom

This phantom can be used in CT and FD-CT for the examination of low contrast details in the liver region. The phantom is also a good choice to analzye computer aided diagnoses (CAD) procedures.

Order-number: QRM-Liver-Phantom

download product data sheet: QRM-Liver-Phantom

QRM phantom QRM phantom QRM phantom

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The QRM-Liver-Phantom is designed in a modular construction principle. The phantom is made up of three changeable parts: the anthropomorphic abdomen phantom body, the liver insert and the spleen insert.
The abdomen body comprises spine with vertebral bone and a shell of soft tissue equivalent material. The plastics used in this anthropomorphic phantom mimic human tissues in the thorax with respect to density and attenuation characteristics (tissue-equivalent solid of typically 35HU+/- 5HUat 120 kV).
The liver insert contains multiple spherical liver tumors/nodules of different size, shape and in two different densities. The shape of these tumors can be adapted in size and density upon your request.
The spleen insert is solid homogeneous material. tumors or other structures are available upon request.

Other contrasts of liver nodules then specified are available upon request.


Phantom size: 300 x 200 x 100 mm
Phantom weight (total): 4200 g
Base materials: tissue (resin), app. 35 HU at 120 kV
liver insert app. 90 HU at 120 kV
nodule type 1 app. 45 HU at 120 kV
nodule type 1 app. 180 HU at 120 kV