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CTwaterŽ is a water-equivalent resin for clinical X-ray modalities with 5 HU to water in the range of 70 kV to 150 kV tube voltage.

Order-number: QRM-CTwater

download product data sheet: QRM-CTwater

QRM phantom QRM phantom

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CTwaterŽ is a proprietary resin which exhibits the same X-ray attenuation characteristics as liquid water in the range of 70 kV to 150 kV tube voltage. It is a very stable (solid) material and can be produced in a large amount and in many shapes with a high grade on homogeneity and uniformity.

CTwaterŽ is as well the basis of some of our popular phantoms, as the European Spine Phantom(ESP) or the Dual Energy Phantom. It is an established and widely used material for CT calibration purposes.

- can be molded into arbitrary shapes
- exhibits long-term stability
- is used in a number of our phantoms
the correctness of the specified properties will be evaluated with state-of-the-art CT scanners and certified by our quality management.