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A WATER-equivalent dosimetry phantom, traced back on the standards for CTDI evaluation in Computed Tomography.

Order-number: QRM-CTDI-CTWater

download product data sheet: QRM-CTDI-CTWater

QRM phantom QRM phantom

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QRM-CTDI-CTWaterŽ dosimetry phantom is manufactured from CTWaterŽ, a proprietary resin which exhibits the same xray attenuation characteristics as liquid water in the range of 80 kV to 140 kV tube voltage.
The phantom is constructed in a modular fashion with a smaller inner cylinder which tightly fits into a larger outer cylinder. Both cylinders offer four through holes near the perimeter to accomodate standard CT dose probes. Supplied are nine massive rods, made from CTWaterŽ, to plug the holes not in use, and adapter plugs to house diverse pencil shaped ion chambers. Further adapter plugs can be manufactured on customers specification.


diameter body: 32 cm
diameter head: 16 cm
depth of phantom 15 cm
hole positions according to [2, 3] 10 mm diameter


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