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Micro-CT Multi Disk Phantom (after Defrise)

The MicroCT Multi Disk Phantom is designed to test cone beam artifacts from Micro-CT scanners caused by reconstruction algorithms.

Order-number: QRM-MicroCT-MultiDisk

download product data sheet: QRM-MicroCT-MultiDisk

QRM phantom QRM phantom

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The MicroCT Multi Disk phantom (after Defrise) has long been well established as the test object for demonstrating artefacts occurred by all kind of approximate reconstruction algorithms.
The QRM-MicroCT-MultiDisk phantom after Defrise consists of eight high-density circular disks equally spaced at 3 mm apart parallel to the axis of rotation. These disks are separated by low-density disks showing up as darker material. The phantom is completed on either side by 10 mm of PMMA.

Standard phantoms are scaled down from the diameter of an average human trunk (32 cm) to that of a fat mouse or lean rat (32 mm). Other dimensions as well as inserts with substances other than specified here can be produced upon request.


Phantom size diameter: 20 mm
Phantom size length: 48.5 mm
Phantom weight: 19 g
High-density disk: diameter: 20 mm
High-density disk: thickness: 1 +/- 0.05
High-density disk: density: 1.38 g/cm3
Low-density disk: diameter: 20 mm
Low-density disk: thickness/mm: 3 +/- 0.05
Low-density disk: density: 1.18 g/cm3
Flanging outer zylinders: material: polymethylmethacrylate
thickness: 10 mm