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Micro-CT SSP Phantom

Measuring slice sensitivity profiles, slice thickness or axial modulation transfer function becomes easy with the Micro-CT-SSP- Phantom.

Order-number: QRM-MicroCT-SSP

download product data sheet: QRM-MicroCT-SSP

QRM phantom QRM phantom

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QRM-MicroCT-SSP contents a thin inserst of material that highly attenuates X-ray. The metal insert is only 10 microns thick and thus adapted to the nominal slice thickness of micro-CT scanners.
The high-contrast platelet (diameter 1 mm) is embedded in the center of the cylindrical phantom made of resin.

Standard phantoms are scaled down from the diameter of an average human trunk (32 cm) to that of a fat mouse or lean rat (32 mm). Other dimensions as well as inserts with substances other than specified here can be produced upon request.


Base material: resin
Diameter of gold insert: 1 mm
Thickness of gold insert: 10 µm

Dimensions for mouse-size phantom:
Diameter: 32 mm
Length: 40 mm
Weight: 35 g