Comprehensive Electron Density Phantom

For the calibration of Hounsfield Unit (HU) vs. electron density of CT radiotherapy treatment plans


  • Suitable for the creation of electron density calibration curve of computed tomography (CT) scanners for treatment planning systems (TPS)
  • Suitable for electron, photon, and proton therapy systems
  • Available materials: 8 body and 8 head inserts

The Comprehensive Electron Density Phantom is primarily designed for computed tomography (CT) scanners for treatment planning systems (TPS) and allows the creation of a grey value to the electron density table for treatment plans. It consists of a water-equivalent body section and a replaceable or standalone head section with 16 holes for replaceable ICRU conformal electron density inserts. All tissue-equivalent materials represent the real human tissue in terms of its physical and electron density according to the ICRU Report 44 and 46. It is the first phantom that provides realistic tissue simulation and values, particularly in the higher density range (bone). Besides creating calibration curves for TPS, it is suitable to be used in diagnostic CT imaging as well.

  • Titanium, stainless steel, or aluminium inserts are available as options.
  • The phantom comes with a protocol displaying: Physical density, electron density, electron density relative to water, and effective Z (other values are optional)

Comprehensive Electron Density Phantom with different tissue equivalent rods (click to enlarge):


Phantom dimension: 250 mm x 350 mm Phantom length: 150 mm
Phantom diameter: 160 mm Phantom length: 150 mm
Tissue equivalent rods
Diameter: 20 mm Length: 150 mm
Phantom weight: 6.0 kg
Material: Water equivalent (CTWater®) approximately 0 ± 5 HU (at 80-140 kV)
- CTWater ® (2 pcs.)
- ICRU Muscle
- ICRU Adipose
- ICRU Liver
- ICRU Brain
- ICRU Blood
- ICRU Breast (50/50)
- ICRU Cortical Bone
- ICRU Spongious Bone
- ICRU Lung (inflated)
- ICRU Lung (deflated)
- Bone HA100
- Bone HA200
- Bone HA800
- Polyethylene

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