Liver Nodule Phantom

For testing the low-contrast details within the liver region and CAD procedures


  • Analzye computer-aided diagnoses (CAD) procedures
  • Customizable


The modular designed Liver Nodule Phantom is made up of three interchangeable parts: the anthropomorphic Abdomen Phantom, the Liver and the Spleen Insert.
The Abdomen Phantom comprises the spine with vertebral bone and a shell of soft tissue-equivalent material.

The Liver Insert contains multiple spherical liver tumors, so called nodules of different size, shape and different densities. The shape of these tumors can be adapted in size and density upon request.

The Spleen Insert is made of solid homogeneous material. Tumors or other structures are available upon request.

Liver Nodule Phantom, QRM-20119


Size: 300 mm x 200 mm x 100 mm
Weight (total): 4200 g
Material: tissue (resin), approx. 35 HU at 120 kV
Liver insert: approx. 90 HU at 120 kV
Nodule type 1: approx. 45 HU at 120 kV
Nodule type 1: approx. 180 HU at 120 kV

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