Micro-PET Scatter Phantom

For performing scatter tests of Micro-PET systems according to NEMA NU 4


  • According to NEMA standard NU 4


The NEMA NU 4 standard provides a standardized method for evaluating the performance of positron emission tomographs (PET) designed for small animal imaging.

The phantoms for scatter fraction, count losses and random coincidence measurements with PET systems are designed according to NEMA NU4 specifications.

The phantoms are made of High Density Polyethylene (HD PE). Three different types of phantoms are available (mouse, rat or monkey size).

Micro-PET Scatter Phantom Mouse, QRM-70116

Micro-PET Scatter Phantom Rat, QRM-70120

Micro-PET Scatter Phantom Monkey, QRM-70122


Mouse-size Phantom  
Diameter: 25 mm
Length: 70 mm
Bore for line source: 3.2 mm, 10 mm off center
Rat-size Phantom  
Diameter: 50 mm
Length: 150 mm
Bore for line source: 3.2 mm, 17.5 mm off center
Monkey-size Phantom  
Diameter: 100 mm
Length: 400 mm
Bore for line source: 3.2 mm, 30 mm off center

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