Water-equivalent material ideal for use in radiation therapy


  • For quality assurance measurements and for monitor calibration procedures
  • Ideal for high-energy photon and electron dosimetry (MeV)
  • Can be molded into arbitrary shapes
  • Great long-term stability


RTwater is a proprietary material which has the same X-ray attenuation characteristics as liquid water.

It is an extremely stable, homogenous and uniform solid material and can be used for monitor calibration and quality assurance  measurements (photons, protons and heavy ions).

CTwater slab, 5 mm thick, QRM-90111

CTwater slab, 10 mm thick, QRM-90112

CTwater slab, 20 mm thick, QRM-90113


CT water accuracy (depends on several parameters as area of application, quantity or shape):
typically 0 HU ±5 HU (±3 HU)
advanced 0 HU ±1 HU from 70 to 150 kV (ρ = 1.03 mg / ccm)
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