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Bolus Phantom

The Bolus Phantom simulates different contrast levels per time. a solid zylinder of CTiodine with different concentration steps can be moved through the phantom.

Order-number: QRM-Bolus-Phantom

download product data sheet: QRM-Bolus-Phantom

QRM phantom QRM phantom

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The phantom was designed for operation in CT-scanners. It allows to simulate a contrast enhancement similar to an iodine contrast bolus in patients. The contrast is achieved with CTiodine of different concentrations. The phantom body is made of a resin disk, which is to be placed in the scan field. A cylinder made of PMMA is slowly moving into the scan plane and back to the initial position. This causes an increase of CT numbers. The respective contrast depends on the scannerís beam quality.

The phantom may be used to test a scannerís bolus triggering software or a scannerís capabilities in monitoring the shape of a well defined bolus.

If you are interested in this phantom or like to have some modifications, please let us know.