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Motion Simulator Sim2D

Sim2D is a powerful tool to assess temporal and spatial resolution on 3D X-ray imaging modalities as CT or C-arm systems. The simulator provides 1D rhythmic and arrhythmic motion of a sample probe at multiple trajectories.

Order-number: QRM-Sim2D

download product data sheet: QRM-Sim2D

QRM phantom QRM phantom QRM phantom

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Stationary anthropomorphic phantoms for validation and quality control are state-of-the-art. QRM-PC Controlled Phantom Device is designed to oscillate small cardiac phantoms, attached to a lever, in order to simulate more realistic situations in cardiac imaging.
The deflection of the lever (F) is controlled by a programmable high-speed Digital Signal Processing (DSP) computerized controller module. The deflection, as a function of time, can be customized by our accompanying software package ”Motion Editor”, a simple graphic platform for editing and import/export of motion profiles. Several preconfigured motion profiles are included.
Currently the device allows for a maximum amplitude of 25 mm, i.e. a total stroke of 50 mm, and up to eight motion profiles kept in memory. Figure 2 depicts a typical example of a motion profile.
ECG correlated CT reconstruction is also supported. At the start of a motion profile, the PC Controlled Phantom Device generates a synchronizing trigger pulse corresponding to the R-peaks of an ECG signal, either as a voltage signal (3 mV) or as a square current pulse (10 mA) in order to actuate an optoelectronic coupler.

Technical Specification

  • Precision of home position (zero reference) better than 0.2 mm
  • Accuracy in static mode (constant displacement) better than 0.2 mm
  • Accuracy of a sinusoidal motion at 140 bpm better than 6.3%.
  • Reproducibility of motion profiles in quasi stationary state better than 1%
  • Max. stroke 50 mm, max. amplitude 25 mm.
  • Power supply: Mains 100-240V, Sec. 24V DC Stab, max. 70W
  • Dimensions 200 mm x 100 mm x 200 mm
  • Weight 2 kg

System Components

  • QRM-Thorax thorax phantom (optional)
  • Cardiac phantom specimens (optional)
  • PMMA water container (optional)
  • PE base plate with permanent magnet clamps
  • PC Controlled Motion Unit with specimen holder
  • CD: "Motion Editor" Software package, Motion profiles QRM.prf Operation Manual
  • Serial communication cable, 10 m
  • USB / RS232 adapter
  • ECG Adapter
  • External power adapter
  • Allen key for fixing brackets
  • Carrying case