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Spiral / Helical CT 2D Medium Contrast Phantom with four contrast steps

The 2DMC provides the opportunity to evaluate low and medium contrast resolution in CT and particularly in Flatpanel-Detector-CT and Cone-Beam-CT (e.g. Dental-CBCT).

Order-number: QRM-2DMC

download product data sheet: QRM-2DMC-Phantom

QRM phantom QRM phantom

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The Phantom has been designed to evaluate the imaging capabilities of 3D X-ray imaging modalities in the x/y-plane. CT-scanners low and medium contrast resolution capabilities can be obtained by a single scan using axial images and coronal reformations. The phantom visualizes the impact of all scan, image reconstruction, and display parameters.

Four series of different contrast step cylinders with diameter varying from 2 mm to 8 mm and a large zylinder of 15 mm are located in the 100 mm diameter cylindrical body of homogeneous tissue- equivalentmaterial.


Phantom diameter: 100 mm
Phantom length: 100 mm
Phantom weight: 0.9 kg
Material: tissue-equivalent plastic, typ. 38 HU (at 120 kV)
Contrast inserts: -25 HU, -50 HU, -75 HU, and -100 HU relative to background
Other CT-values on request.
Cylindrical contrast inserts (diameters): 2 mm
4 mm
6 mm
8 mm
15 mm
Accuracy: 3% of specified values
1% of certified values