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Spiral / Helical CT 3D Low-Contrast Resolution Phantom

Measure the in-plane and axial low-contrast resolution. Optimize tube current, collimation, pitch and image reconstruction for the desired low-contrast resolution in all types of clinical applications.

Order-number: QRM-3DLC

download product data sheet: QRM-3DLC-Phantom

QRM phantom QRM phantom QRM phantom

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The Phantom has been designed to evaluate the imaging capabilities of a CT scanner in the x/y-plane as well as in the axial-plane. The CT’s low-contrast resolution capabilities can be obtained by a single spiral scan using axial images and coronal reformations. The phantom visualizes the impact of all scan, image reconstruction, and display parameters.
Several series of spheres with diameter variing from 3 mm to 8 mm are mounted in a cylindrical body of homogeneous material (resin). Its overall dimensions are chosen such that it fits in our oval Standard Thorax Phantom QRM-Thorax.
The low-contrast inserts are placed in a uniform tissue-equivalent back-ground. In order to mimic imaging conditions in either head or body applications, a contrast of -10HU or -20HU can be ordered. Other contrast levels are available on request.
Evaluation of the 3D Phantom: The scanner’s 3D-visualization software displays saggital (upper left), coronal reformations (upper right), and the original axial image (lower left).


Phantom diameter: 100 mm
Phantom length: 100 mm
Phantom weight: 0.9 kg
Material: tissue-equivalent plastic, typ. 35 HU (@ 120 kV)
Contrast inserts: -10 HU or -20 HU relative to background
Cylindrical contrast insert: diameter 20 mm,
length 25 mm
Spherical contrast insert: 9 spheres diameter 3mm
9 spheres diameter 4mm
9 spheres diameter 5mm
9 spheres diameter 6mm
7 spheres diameter 8mm
Accuracy: ±3% of specified values
±1% of certified values