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Micro-CT Phantoms

These phantoms are specialy designed for use in Micro-CT research and image quality testing. The phantoms are designed to provide the opportunity to measuer image quality parameters of major interest, and to calibrate CT scale and CT numbers for bone density, respectively.


image phantom name description order id brochure
Micro-CT BarPattern NANO Phantom Micro-CT BarPattern NANO The Micro-CT BarPattern NANO Phantom is a perfect tool to assess in-plane and axial spatial resolution of high resolution Micro-CT system in a direct visible manner. QRM-MicroCT-Barpattern-NANO
Micro-CT BarPattern Phantom Micro-CT BarPattern Phantom The Micro-CT BarPattern Phantom is a perfect tool to assess in-plane and axial spatial resolution of a Micro-CT system in a direct visible manner. QRM-MicroCT-Barpattern-Phantom
Micro-CT Wire Phantom Micro-CT Wire Phantom The Micro-CT Wire Phantom is a perfect tool to assess in-plane spatial resolution of any Micro-CT system. Different diameters and materials are available. QRM-MicroCT-Wire
Micro-CT Multi Disk Phantom Micro-CT Multi Disk
The MicroCT Multi Disk Phantom is designed to test cone beam artifacts from Micro-CT scanners caused by reconstruction algorithms. QRM-MicroCT-MultiDisk
Micro-CT-ContrastScale Micro-CT-ContrastScale A phantom for evaluating high contrast materials in Micro-CT - materials of highest interest in small-animal research. QRM-MicroCT-CS
Micro-CT Dose Phantom Micro-CT Dose
The MicroCT Dose Phantom is designed to measure dose (DLP, CTDI) using a standard pencil shaped ionization chamber, usually availabel at a length of 100 mm. QRM-MicroCT-Dose
Micro-CT HA Phantom Micro-CT HA Phantom A Phantom for calibrating CT-values. The five inserts provide most favorable density of CaHA for invivo or in-vitro Micro-CT bone calibration. QRM-MicroCT-HA
Micro-CT Low Contrast Phantom Micro-CT Low Contrast
As a useful tool for evaluation of contrast detectability the MicroCT Low Contrast Phantom provides four inserts of two different contrast levels, each in two different dimensions. QRM-MicroCT-LC
Micro-CT-SSP Micro-CT-SSP Measuring slice sensitivity profiles, slice thickness or axial modulation transfer function becomes easy with the Micro-CT SSP- Phantom. QRM-MicroCT-SSP
Micro-CT Water Phantom Micro-CT Water
The QRM Micro-CT Water Phantom provides full homogeneity and is easy to use to measure noise and uniformity. QRM-MicroCT-Water
NEMA NU4 Micro-PET Image Quality Mouse Phantom NEMA NU4-2008
Micro-PET Image Quality Mouse Phantom
According to the NEMA standard NU 4-2008, this phantom provides the opportunity to evaluate the performance of Micro-PET systems. QRM-MicroPET-IQ