Calcium Scoring Phantom, D100

For the quantification and evaluation of the detectability of coronary calcifications

  • Calibration standard for cardiac CT
  • Investigate the detectability of coronary calcifications
  • Achieve reproducible scoring results
  • Include CaHA targets in different sizes and density


The Calcium Scoring Phantom, D100 (QRM-10146) contains nine cylindrical calcifications inserts in varying size and CaHA density (see Specifications). Furthermore, there are two larger calibration inserts (water-equivalent and CaHA material). All inserts are embedded in a soft tissue-equivalent material (approx. 30 HU at 120 kV).

In order to obtain absolute values for the calcium mass, a calibration measurement with the central calibration insert of known CaHA density of 200 mg CaHA/cm³ can be performed. The water-equivalent insert represents an additional calibration standard.

The phantom is ideally suited to use in combination with the Thorax Phantom as a set (QRM-20103).

Calcium Scoring Phantom, D100, QRM-10146 ​​​​​

  • QRM-20103: Calcium Scoring Phantom Set (includes QRM-10146 and QRM-20100)
Phantom diameter: 100 mm
Phantom height: 100 mm
Phantom weight: 0.9 kg
Body Material: Soft tissue-equivalent (approx. 30 HU at 120 kV)
3 cylindrical inserts 200, 400, 800 mg CaHA /cm³ Ø 5 mm / H 5 mm
3 cylindrical inserts 200, 400, 800 mg CaHA /cm³ Ø 3 mm / H 3 mm
3 cylindrical inserts 200, 400, 800 mg CaHA /cm³ Ø 1 mm / H 1 mm

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