DXA Spine QA Phantom

For quality assurance measurements in DXA Bone Mineral Density of the spine


  • Cost-effective setup
  • Three equal designed vertebrae
  • Different bone mineral content in three vertebrae or equal bmc in three vertebrae
  • Customizable


Based on the well-established European Spine Phantom, the DXA Spine QA Phantom comes with a simplified and cost-effective design of the vertebrae. It has been specifically developed for quality assurance and stability measurements of Dual X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) devices.

The dedicated shape is adapted to the specific needs of a DXA QA Phantom. The DXA Spine QA Phantom allows to easily determine areal Bone Mineral Density (aBMD) in AP and lateral projections.

Other HA densities of the vertebra are available upon request!

DXA Spine QA Phantom, 3 HA, QRM-50110

DXA Spine QA Phantom, 1 HA, QRM-50123


Body: 260 x 180 mm² (± 2 mm) tissue-equivalent plastic at 120 kV
Weight: 4300 g
L1 - L3: 3 full homogeneous vertebrae with a HA concentration of 270 mg/cm³
aBMD (AP): 1.0 g/cm²
Accuracy: ∼ 3% of specified values, ∼ 1% of certified values

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DXA-Spine-QA-Phantom ( 2 MB )
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